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Maximizing Bathroom Space

Nobody should ever have to worry about falling in the bathtub when using the bathroom sink or have guests mistake the bathroom for a closet. Unfortunately, not every bathroom affords that luxury of space since traditionally it is one of the smallest rooms in the home. At almost any given time you can turn on your television to the home improvement channel and watch an entire show dedicated to bathroom makeovers. Maximizing available space in the bathroom is an issue facing many homeowners. There are many types of space-saving cabinets and gadgets available that can make minimal improvements here and there, but essentially they all leave you limited to predefined spatial restrictions. You could replace a full-size bathtub with a stand up shower, but this is done at the expense of sacrificing comfort and functionality. In many cases, a home addition in the form of a new bathroom is a great choice for the extra amount of space it can provide while increasing the value of your home.

Simple and Cost-Effective

Imagine that you could define the amount of space dedicated to your bathroom, easily design the layout in the most practical and visually appealing way, then have it installed in the least amount of timeā€¦it's easier and more affordable than you think! Modular Home Additions has a proven method whereby they use factory built components, saving you up to 30% over conventional methods. Cutting-edge design software makes designing your addition quick and simple, while being extremely accurate and helping to ensure there are no hidden costs between the estimate and the finished installation. One of the most irritating aspects of home renovations and additions is being quoted a price and having the finished amount substantially more than was budgeted. A great amount of pride is taken in helping you stay within your financial guidelines.

Quality Construction and Minimal Disruption

You might be tempted to think that the significant savings that Modular Home Additions offers come at the expense of quality and comfort, but it is just the opposite. You save money in addition to top notch workmanship and minimal disruption to your lifestyle. It is common for over 50% of your addition to be pre-constructed in the climate-controlled factory, thus helping to eliminate weather-induced delays. The choice is easy!
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